Nicki Minaj & Cash Money Sued For $200 Million Plus For Stealing


According to Jawara Headley (aka Brinx Billions) Nicki Minaj stole her track "Rich Sex" from him and now he should be rich.

He's seeking over $200 million from Nicki and her label Cash Money/Universal.

According to Headley, he played Nicki the track sometime before she dropped it in 2016.  She told him that it would be "extremely marketable and become a global hit" before swiping it for herself and putting it on her Queen album.

Headley -- who says she's known Nicki since 2007 when they met on MySpace -- claims he is the sole author of the track, but got no money or credit for it.

He says his song has similar music, musical notes, musical arrangement, musical beats, and musical rhythm to hers.

No comment from Nicki, Cash Money, or Universal on the suit.

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