Nick Cannon Says Eminem Still Avoids Him Over Mariah Carey Issues

By Daryl Nelson

Back in the early 2000s, Eminem and Mariah Carey were involved in a pretty heated back and forth. Em said that he and Mariah dated and had sex once, which is something Carey has always denied.

At the time of the beef, Carey was married to Nick Cannon, who talked about the whole thing on VladTV.

"I wasn't gonna let anyone disrespect my family, my wife and I was like 'However you want to handle it, motherfucker, we got to handle it," Nick recalled. "If we can just have a conversation, let's have a conversation, but you're gonna apologize, and I'm gonna see you in person and tell you that's what you have to do. 'Cause if you man enough to say this shit your man enough to deal with it. "

During the beef, Nick said that he reached out to the late record executive Chris Lighty and asked him to either get Em on the phone or arrange a meeting but it never happened. 

To this day, Nick said that he still doesn't know if Mariah and Em had a fling, and he doesn't even care. He was more concerned with what the rapper said.

"What I care about is respect," Nick explained. "And you gonna respect me as a man, and you gonna respect my family as a man. Let's deal with that shit and if you want to make songs about it, tap dance, do all that shit but you not gonna disrespect me and my family, and we see each other and action is not going to happen."

In fact, Nick said that he tried to get in contact with Em for about 10 years after the beef and tried to squash things —especially after he and Mariah got a divorce —  but Em never wanted to speak with him.

Do you think Eminem was scared to face Nick and that's why he never met up with him?


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