Nick Cannon Explains Why Bill Cosby's Rapey Behavior Wasn't Surprising

By HHL Editors

Has there ever been a fall from grace like Bill Cosby's?

In the blink of a Hannibal Buress joke, the comic legend went from being America's pudding pop eating granddad to the poster boy for the drugging of women and playing with their pudding.

Nick Cannon thinks we should have seen it coming. He explained why on the Howard Stern show.

I was like, he was giving you them fucking signs from day one, y’all was just hypnotized by those fucking sweaters,” Cannon explained. “Think about Dr. Huxtable. What kind of doctor was he? A gynecologist. Where was his office? In his fuckin’ basement! Don’t shit good go down in the basement! Bitches was coming in and out of the basement all episode, and nobody said shit.”
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