New Tupac Music On the Way According to Afeni Shakur

By A. Mia Logan

Just when we thought we’d have to make holograms to hear new Tupac, an update in his estate could lead to us getting a lot more unreleased material from the late rapper. According to his mother Afeni Shakur, the poetic rapper’s catalogue is being given a "reset", primarily so that new fans who may not have been around for the first wave of Pac’s legacy to experience his music for themselves.

On the heels of Kendrick Lamar featuring one of Pac's interviews on his album,  Interscope executive Tom Whalley says that he, Afeni Shakur and JAM Inc’s Jeff Jambo are planning to release remixes, original demos, writings, scripts, plans, video treatments, and poems from the  rapper that have never been available before. While he mostly described the music as being in “bits and pieces” and uncompleted, it’s still interesting to hear what else Pac could possibly have had in his arsenal that we haven’t heard yet.

What do you think?

A.) Yes, let’s keep his music alive.

B.) No, let him rest in peace.

C.) Either way is fine with you

Also, check out the Powerade commercial that helped kick this whole thing off.

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