Lots Of New Eminem Music Confirmed by Producer S1


Last month, there was all sorts of buzz that Eminem was going to surprise drop an album, with the date December 20 thrown out there.

That never came to be. But it may just an instance of getting the date wrong.

Producer S1, who's worked on all of Eminem's albums since The Marshall Mathers LP 2, has confirmed Eminem and his team have been putting together a lot of material.

“ I don’t have a lot of information on it but I’ve been working with Eminem quite a bit," he told HipHopNMore. "They’re always real quiet and real secretive but I just know he’s been cutting a lot of records so we’ll see what happens with that.”

50 Cent is one of the artists Eminem is rumored to be working with.

If Em drops another album soon it would make three albums from Em in about three years after only one in almost seven.

We know Nick Cannon is somewhere hoping Shady's latest comes soon and it mentions him.

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