New App Lets Science Determine If A Song Is A Banger

By HHL Editors

The Urban Dictionary defines a "banger" as follows: "If a song is extremely tight or just unbelievably awesome it is a banger."

Pretty vague, huh?

Derek Dapp, a 19-year old developer in Utah, has come up with an algorithm that will determine whether a song is a banger by using "beats per minute, number and dopeness of drops, and a complete absence of acoustic instruments." (This criteria was actually first dreamed up by Aziz Ansari's Parks & Recreation character.)

Go to Dapp's page IsItaBangr to determine if a track is, in fact, a banger.

The process can take about a minute, although once a song is in the system the results are immediate.

We quickly tested a couple songs and it seems about right.

99 Problems Hold on drake

So the next time you have an argument about whether a song is a banger, you know where to go.

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