Nelly's Rape Accuser Says He's Bullying Her

By HHL Editors

Nelly's accuser isn't just claiming the rapper raped her. Her lawyer also believes his "bullying" of her after she reported the attack is another crime.

"It is morally reprehensible for an accused person and his bully lawyer to issue derogatory and defamatory statements against a young alleged rape victim," the accuser's lawyer Karen Koehler said.  "It is also criminal -- in the State of Washington -- when those vicious attacks are issued in the form of threats."
We're not entirely sure what Koehler means by threats, but on Sunday Nelly's lawyer Scott Rosenblum did publicly state that the accuser was after fame and money.

"It does not surprise me that she wanted to have her story publicized. That is playbook 101 of a person with an agenda and clearly she has one," Rosenblum told TMZ. "The agenda is money, fame and notoriety. She's a person who is making a dangerous, fraudulent allegation to accomplish her own goals."
Rosenblum also responded to the new accusation of intimidation.

"I would suggest rereading the [intimidating a witness] statute. I would further suggest talking to some of the unbiased witnesses," Rosenblum said to Koehler.
It looks like this case isn't going away.

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