Nelly Fans Have A Novel Way To Help Him Pay Massive Tax Bill

By HHL Editors

Nelly owes the IRS $2,412,283, and the state of Missouri another $149,511

But his fans have thought up a novel way to help the St. Lunatic pay the government.

They are going to stream his hit 'Hot In Herre' until his debt has been covered.

At least they are going to try.

The industry standard is between $0.006 and $0.0084 per spin. Meaning they are going to have to listen to the 2002 hit between 287,176,547 and 402,880,500 times to get him even, assuming his label and publishers are feeling similarly charitable and don't take their cut.

It is going to a long slog. A long, hot slog.

You can pitch in by pushing play.

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