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Ne-Yo Says He's Not On The Gay Team

By HHL Editors

This week social media was buzzing with discussion that Ne-Yo had come out as gay, inspired by the transition of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

The source of the rumor was Newsbuzzdaily, which reported the singer and actor had said this:

"Bruce [sic] Jenner really gave me the inner strength to admit to my kids, my family, my friends, my fans and ultimately to myself that I am gay. I’ve known I was gay since I was a young boy that I was attracted to the other boys. As a black man, we fear gayness instead of embracing it. Watching Bruce, well Caitlyn, sit down with Dianne Sawyer on ABC really inspired me. Bruce [sic] is very brave and beautiful. As soon as he [sic] came out as transgendered [sic], she freed herself and thats the freedom I want.”
Generally, it's not a good idea to trust a website that nobody's ever heard of and which offers the disclaimer "Please note that articles written on this site are for entertainment and satirical purposes only."

But enough people did so that Ne-Yo had to issue a denial.

Ne-Yo is current dating "Instagram model" Crystal Renay. Of course that doesn't mean he still can't be gay, but we bring that up because we like this picture of her.

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