NBC Apologizes For Julian Edelman's Tupac Shirt

By HHL Editors

Yesterday, the press was all over Julian Edelman on "DeflateGate." While the Patriots all-purpose player denied he knew anything about New England's alleged plot to take the air out  of the football during the AFC title game, his shirt gave off another interesting message.

Edelman laughed when somebody pointed out he was wearing an image of Tupac flipping double birds under the words "Trust Nobody."

"Oh my -- I've got this shirt on right now? Jeez bro, you guys didn't even let me know about that," Edleman said, before covering up the shirt.

NBC Nightly News ran the footage of the interview last night, and then issued this tweet apologizing for Pac's obscene gesture.

Pac's still making trouble after all these years. Here's a censored video of the interview.

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