NBA YoungBoy Threatens To Beat Fan Who Went For His Chain [VIDEO]

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NBA YoungBoy caught an amazing legal break earlier this year when he got two counts of attempted first-degree murder stemming from a drive-by shooting knocked down to one count of aggravated assault, a suspended sentence of ten years, three years of probation, 250 hours of community service and a $5000 dollar fine.

In lecturing YoungBoy during the sentencing, the judge told him things would have been a lot different if he was a better shot.

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But YoungBoy may not have learned his lesson. In the video below, the Baton Rouge rapper threatens to beat a fan who may have touched his chain.

#nbayoungboy warns fans about touching his jewels

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"Aye, you snatch my chain Ima beat the fuck out yo ass," YoungBoy says.
Can't really blame him for being pissed if that was genuine attempt to relieve him of his property.

But with a fuse like that do you think he can make it through three years of probation? He better, with a ten-year sentence hanging over his head.

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