NBA YoungBoy Gets At Person Who Snatched Chain [VIDEO]


NBA YoungBoy wants you to know that no one really took his chain off his neck, and the guy who said he did is lying.

NBA said this after the chain was taken during a show in Greensboro, N.C. But first he addressed the crowd and dared the person who took it to admit it.

“You see that chain you just took off my partner’s neck? That ain’t his chain, that’s my chain,” said NBA. “I ain’t really tripping off that shit, because I got too much money. I will shoot this bitch up … Don’t go on Instagram acting like you took that bitch off my neck.”

#NBAYoungboy’s chain snatched from entourage member in North Carolina

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#nbayoungboy warns the chain snatchers to not get on ig and flex like they took the stolen chain off his neck.

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Afterward, two men posted a video and one of them was sporting the chain. The other man said that NBA needed to pay $20,000 to get it back.

#NBAYoungboy chain snatcher speaks out after incident

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NBA then responded and once again, said he wasn’t worried about the necklace.

#NBAYoungboy responds to chain snatcher and points out the real victim

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“You really a bitch ass boy,” he said with his partner right next to him. “You ain’t snatch shit off my neck. You snatched it off his neck. Look at the camera, with your scary ass … Don’t sit up there and lie man. I ain’t tripping off all that shit. Niggas ain’t never play with me like that.”

Then the rapper NewAge Jerk Boy, who had previous beef with YoungBoy, dissed NBA and said he’d help get his chain back.

#newagejerkboy getting at #NBAYOUNGBOY

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#newagejerkboy Wanna help #NBAYOUNGBOY

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JerkBoy vs. YoungBoy, who you got?

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