Nas Has Never Even Heard Of Your Old Droog


It was fun while it lasted. A few months ago, Hip Hop sound sleuths had become convinced that the stellar debut album from Your Old Droop, "Your Old Droog EP," was in fact a secret album from none-other-than Queensbridge's most famous son.

Since then Your Old Droog has shown his face, and he is definitely not Nas. Instead, the MC is a talented youngster who likely listened to a lot of Illmatic growing up.

Still the conspiracy theories continued, as conspiracy theories tend to. In an interview with MTV news Nas put another stake in their heart. When asked about if he heard about the rumors that he is, in fact, Your Old Droog, Nas seemed confused.

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"What do you mean a secret Nas album?" Nas said, looking genuinely befuddled. "I have no idea what you’re talking about…No secret EPs, I don’t want a secret EP I want you to know it’s me when I drop."

Bottom line: Nas has no idea who Your Old Droog is and he probably thinks it's a pretty weird name. If he's lying, he's not a guy you want to play poker with.

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