Nas Explains How He Would Have Squashed Tupac-Biggie Beef

By HHL Editors

Nas popped up on Bill Simmons' HBO series Any Given Wednesday last night alongside Kevin Durant.

During the speed round of the show, Nas addressed Biggie and Tupac, and told Simmons what advice he would have given them if he could back in time.

“[I would’ve] told them about the impact that they were going to have, being dead,” says Nas. “That the the world was about to become a Hip Hop planet, even more than it was in ’95. Global, more than it was then and they were the leaders and they were too important to us.”
On a lighter note, Nas had a somewhat surprising answer when asked who was the best rapping baller of all time.

"Shaq, because he pulled off an amazing thing. He had like great artists on the record, and we listened to those records," Nas explained. "He did his thing.
Kevin Durant didn't disagree, but nominated a more current player as GOAT.

"Damien Lillard is pretty good. I'm pretty jealous," Durant conceded. "Every basketball player wants to be rapper."
Who's your favorite NBA rapper of all time?

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