Murda Mook Thinks His Battle Rap Against Drake Should Be Worth $15 Million

By HHL Editors

Back in August, Drake challenged Murda Mook to a battle rap, a bold move since battling is Mook's game. According to Mook, he hasn't heard from Drake about the showdown lately. But he doesn't think the Canadian is ducking him. Instead, he believes Drizzy has been busy "strategizing."

He also thinks that when they do throw down, they could sell the battle to pay-per-view audiences to the tune of $10 to $15 million.

In his interview with Damon Dash, Mook mentions that pay-per-view king Floyd Mayweather could help them market the battle.

But even with Money on board, do you think they could really drum up $15 million in demand for a rap battle? It's unclear if battle rap has grossed that much in its whole existence.

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