Mother Of Black Kid In H&M Monkey Hoodie Changes Her Tune


H&M got destroyed earlier this month for an unfortunate listing on their UK website in which a black kid wears a "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" hoodie.

But the boy's mother didn't join the attack on the retailer. She said there was nothing wrong with the hoodie and that folks were overreacting and crying wolf when they called it racist.

Terry Mango, who was born in Kenya but now lives in Sweeden, were H&M is based, has since changed her tune. In a new TV interview, she said she can understand why people reacted to the top the way they did. She also admitted she may have missed what was going on when she first saw her son modelling the shirt.

"With the whole furor that is going, you kind of look back and wonder if you had noticed it what would have been  my initial response," she said.

She was then asked if she still thought other people were overreacting in their response.

"It is not an overreaction when it comes to racism. Everyone should act differently based on their own opinions on what racism is. I know what racism is.  I have had racist remarks directed to me first hand."

What do you think of her new stance?

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