Miguel Unveils 'WildHeart' Track List

By Sermon

In case you forgot, we're only a couple weeks away from Miguel's third album, WildHeart. It'll be out on June 30, so a track listing is a bit overdue. Luckily, Amazon has got us covered.

It seems like the Wale-assisted version of "Coffee" isn't on the album, and he adds "NWA," a song from an earlier EP, with a new verse from Kurupt. Besides the Dogg Pound rapper, the only other feature is Lenny Kravitz. Check out the track list below.

1. A Beautiful Exit 2. Exit 3. The Valley 4. Coffee 5. NWA (Feat. Kurupt) 6. Waves 7. Whats Normal Anyway 8. Hollywood Dreams 9. Destinado A Morir 10. …goingtohell 11. Flesh 12. Leaves 13. Face The Sun (Feat. Lenny Kravitz)

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