Migos Says They're Okay With Joe Budden But He's Too Into Hip-Hop

By Daryl Nelson

Migos had a chat with Ebro on his Beats 1 Radio show, and one of the things they talked about was Joe Budden. Of course, Budden and the Atlanta trio have been going back and forth since they had that infamous confrontation at the BET Awards.

During their conversation, Migos joked about being responsible for giving the retired rapper a new job with Diddy's RevoltTV, since his profile did go up after the video of that skirmish surfaced. The group also said they want a percentage of Joe's paycheck as compensation. 

Afterward, Takeoff said the group actually wants to see Joe win but he doesn't want the same for them. But Offset didn't agree with that statement and said Joe's criticism comes from his passion for Hip-Hop. 

“I just think he too deep in Hip-Hop," Offset explained. "I don’t think it’s that, he too deep in.”

Quavo agreed with Offset that Joe's passion fuels his harsh remarks towards them, and he also said the group has no beef with him.

“I think he want to see the game win," said Quavo. "He know we coming with that flame ... No hard feelings with Joe. We just can’t be no Joe Budden."

Do you agree with Offset's comments about Joe criticising them because of his passion for Hip-Hop? Furthermore, can a person be into Hip-Hop too much? Does such a thing even exist?

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