Migos Says Everyone Copied Their Flow & They Changed The Rap Game

By Daryl Nelson

In an interview with Montreality, Migos said that everyone has copied their flow, and they created a whole new style of rap music.

But they also made it clear they weren't dissing anybody.

"We're in a time right now where we're setting a trend," said Quavo. "We started this whole little wave, the whole genre, the whole melody. Ain't nobody right now at a point in their career ain't took our flow and we ain't trippin. We never called nobody out. We just having fun out here, creating a whole new sound. Hip Hop has changed in a big way, and you can mark this down that we changed it."
Do you agree with Quavo? Have all or most of the modern day rappers swiped Migos' choppy, triplet flow? Or does it predate the trio?

Furthermore, when we look back, do you think we're going to say that Migos  changed the way people rhyme?

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