Migos Prevail In "Walk It, Talk It" Lawsuit


Leander C. Pickett recorded a track called "Walk It Like I Talk It" in 2007 under the name M.O.S and dropped it on a mixtape in 2008.

He believes the Migos stole his song and made it into their Drake-featured CULTURE 2 hit "Walk It, Talk It."

Last year, he sued the trio and Capitol Records for swiping "a substantial portion" of his composition.  Pickett did copyright the track, but only after Migos dropped "Walk It, Talk It."

Quavo addressed the suit publically at the time, saying he never heard the M.O.S. track and the phrase "Walk It, Talk It" is ubiquitous in Atlanta.

"'Walk it, talk it' is a saying from Atlanta," he explained. "It had been a saying since the 2000s. Everybody say 'walk it, talk it.' My grandpa, my uncles and shit say 'walk it, talk it.' Man, that shit's an old saying, man. We been saying 'walk it, talk it.'"  

A judge has now agreed, ruling in favor of Migos.

"Because songwriters must be free to borrow sayings and expressions from popular culture, the Second Circuit and courts in this district have found that short and commonplace phrases are not protectable, even when used as the title or repeated lyrics of a song, as is the case here," Judge Analisa Torres ruled.

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