Migos Explains Why The Dab Is Dead

By HHL Editors

Migos have spent the last year or so defending their claim as Dab innovators and popularizers.

But it looks like they are done with doing that.

That's because the dab's done with.

Recently, Cam Newton said he would no longer do the dance move on the football field.

Quavo of Migos was asked by TMZ about Cam's decision. Instead of taking Newton's RIP to the dab as an insult, Quavo agreed that its time had come and gone.

"You gotta give everybody a new trend, a new wave, something new to do,” Quavo said. “So I feel [Cam] on that. Everybody was copying, it’s time to switch lanes."
Then Quavo added that Migos may have another dance move on deck, but he didn't want to reveal it out of fear the biters might try to steal it.

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