Migos Aren't Off 300 Entertainment, Despite Tweeting That They Were

By Sermon

On the day that Migos released the mixtape Back To The Bando, they also informed their fans on Twitter that they were no longer in business with 300 Entertainment. Most of us expected that to be the end, and awaited Migos' next move. However, it appears the trio is still under contract.

Lyor Cohen, founder of 300, was a guest on Rap Radar's Podcast series and addressed Migos's status .

"Migos is still under contract. They're still part of the 300 family. So I don't actually know what you're referring to," he told Elliott Wilson and B. Dot. "I will investigate that when I get back to the office. They're incredibly talented. Those guys are unbelievable talent."
The fact that Cohen didn't even know about the tweet shows a pretty odd disconnect between the act and the label. Regardless, Migos sound unhappy with their situation with 300 and hopefully the two sides can come together and work it out.

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