Michael Jordan Got Revenge On Bow Wow For Wearing Iversons

By HHL Editors

Instead of taking another L, Bow managed to tell a pretty funny (and maybe true!) story during his appearance on Desus & Mero.

The tale comes from when Bow was a kid and slept over at Michael Jordan's son Marcus's house while wearing Allen Iverson's signature shoe.

Jump to the 1:30 mark to hear what happened next.

"I want over there with my AIs and I woke up and they were gone," Bow Wow explained.
What happened next was that MJ came into Marcus's room, woke them both up, and admonished Bow for wearing the AIs (and a pair of Duke shorts.) Then the GOAT threw the contraband out of his house and gave Bow pair of Jumpmans.

Although Bow is a very unreliable narrator, Michael Jordan is petty enough to have done this.

Despite delivering a funny story, Bow Wow appears to have alienated Desus & Mero.

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