Miami Police Seize A Lot Of Art In Raid Of Lil Wayne's Mansion

By HHL Editors

Yesterday, Miami Police executed a "break order" at Lil Wayne's Miami Beach mansion.

It was in response to a $2 million judgment Wayne owes to a private jet company, and it looks like the cops were looking for something specific when they entered his home.

Wayne, who was in LA during the raid, has a $30 million dollar art collection and the authorities had an art appraiser with them when they barged in. Several pieces were seen being taken out and loaded into a truck. There are also reports that some of Weezy's plaques (platinum albums etc.) were removed.

It's unclear why Wayne -- who has a net worth around $100 million -- didn't repay the debt. When he does, he will get his stuff back.

Update: Wayne has addressed the situation on Twitter. He seems pretty bummed:

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