Memphis Bleek Fell Out With Kanye West Over Paying For Sex


On the Roc Nations Dusse Podcast, Memphis Bleek explained why he fell out with Kanye West and why never got a beat from his ex-Roc labelmate.

First he commented on all the clownery Ye has been involved with lately, advising any black relative that Kanye has left to reach out and set him straight.

Then he explained why he and Ye aren't fam.

Apparently, Memphis and Kanye took a trip to Vegas back in the day. Kanye and his boy paid a couple of ladies for sex, which Bleek didn't approve of. Kanye tried to tell him that it was just like paying for girl's a dinner.  But Bleek disagreed, arguing that if you go to dinner you're both full but if you pay for sex she's full and you're empty. Kanye didn't like that argument, and that was the end of their relationship

"I told him no pay, I guess he wanted me to tell him to pay more. I couldn't do that. I'm from the hood. No pay," Bleek said, adding he never got a beat from 'Ye.

Who's right on hookers, Kanye or Memphis Bleek?

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