Meek Mill Wouldn't Wear A Wire To Take Down Judge In His Case


Meek Mill and his legal team contend that Judge Genece Brinkley -- who slapped Meek with a shock two to four-year probation violation sentence -- has a personal vendetta against him.

They think Meek first angered Brinkley by not signing with her friend, talent manager Charlie Mack, and have also accused her of asking the rapper to remix the Boyz II Men song “On Bended Knee”  and give her a shout out on it -- which he also refused. Overall, they believe Brinkley wanted to trade favors for leniency.

Last year, Meek's peeps went to the FBI with their claim about Brinkley. The Feds were interested in pursuing the case. However, according to three insiders who spoke to, Meek wouldn't wear a wire when he spoke to Brinkley, and that ended the investigation.

Meek's lawyers are now trying to use the brief investigation to get Brinkley off of the case.

“The existence of a federal investigation involving Judge Brinkley’s conduct regarding Mr. Williams [Meek], combined with Judge Brinkley’s awareness of that investigation, raises further doubt as to her ability to preside impartially,” they wrote in a motion to get a new judge.

So far, that tactic hasn't worked.

Should Meek have stepped away from the street code and allowed the FBI to wire him up?


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