Meek Mill Getting Sued For Trashing Bieber Mansion With Grammy Party

By HHL Editors

We all laughed earlier  this year when Meek Mill's post Grammy party trashed Justin Bieber's notorious glass mansion.

But that's no longer so funny for Mill.

Technically, Meek was renting the home from its owner -- not Bieber. And now Mill is being sued for the damage.

Since he has so far refused to negotiate a payment, the owner is citing a contract clause that Mill couldn't have more than six people in the home at a time. That allows him to  name the known party attendees -- like Khloe Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and French Montana -- as trespassers.

It also allows the owner to subpoena those bold faced names and grill them on the soiree.

Given Meek needs all the goodwill he can muster these days, we're thinking he'll settle the case and not put them through that.

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