Meek Mill Denied A New Trial


It looks like Meek Mill is going back to prison.

In a stunning decision, his nemesis Judge Genece Brinkley has refused to grant him a new trial, ruling Meek  “failed to meet his burden of proof” in his evidence that his arresting officer had credibility issues.

 "After an in-depth review of the record, court history, notes of testimony, and evidence submitted at the evidentiary hearing, this court hereby denies defendant's petition for PCRA relief as defendant failed to meet his burden of proof," Brinkley wrote.

Meek's appeal centered around Reginald Graham, the cop who arrested him in 2007 for drugs and guns and who was the only officer to testify against him. It's been discovered that Graham was on a list of corrupt cops compiled by Philadelphia's District Attorney's office. 

However, Brinkley believes that doesn't matter because the cop who fingered Graham as dirty has his own credibility issues and, even if he didn't, she believes Graham's credibility wasn't relevant to Meek's guilty verdict.

Her ruling contradicts the D.A.'s Office, who have repeatedly stated that they think Meek deserves a new trial.

Last year, Brinkley sentenced Meek to 2 to 4 years for probation violations. Meek and his legal team have long contended that she is out to get him. (Although Nicki Minaj has repeatedly disputed this.) 

Meek's currently out on bail awaiting a new trial.  But if a new trial isn't granted one would imagine he has to eventually go back to jail and serve out the remainder of his sentence. 

 "Judge Brinkley made clear during the hearing on June 18th that she had already decided the matter. We continue to believe that this miscarriage of justice will be corrected upon further review, and that the public’s confidence in the impartiality of the judicial system in Pennsylvania will be restored," Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina told TMZ today.




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