Meek Mill Blasts Trick Daddy & DJ Akademiks In New Interview

By HHL Editors

Meek Mill is still mad at DJ Akademiks. This time, it's for not posting his new album Wins & Losses.

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Earlier this year, Akademiks said that Meek sent him a direct message and warned him not to disrespect him anymore.  In a new interview, the DreamChaser sat down with Philly station Power 99 and blasted the Everyday Struggle host for not promoting his Wins & Losses album.

"We need some fly bloggers," said Meek. "Because most of these bloggers, they on these blogs speaking on our culture, and they don't know anything about it. Some of them got influence. You might see Akademiks' page. They post everybody's album. They ain't gonna post no Meek Mill album ... They ain't posting my album. When we see them, we'll have a little talk about it. It's the game."
Afterward, the conversation turned to Trick Daddy, who ripped Mill earlier this week for saying he got the kids in Miami to focus on yachts rather than guns.  Miami vets JT Money and Uncle Luke also chimed in on Meek's comments.

"I come from Philadelphia," said Meek during the interview. "All our OGs, they don't get on Instagram where we're from. If they wanna say something to somebody, they get in contact with them and they say it to them. Especially when it's that type of level of anger. I worked hard on this album. I don't think you should be able to go on Instagram and just rant and go crazy and then be mentioned in an interview ... Everybody in the industry knows there's only one way to handle Meek Mill when you see him ... When you see people flip on the Internet about me, I will always be handled with respect in live person. That's just that."
What do you think about Meek's comments on Trick Daddy, and should he really be mad at DJ Akademiks for not posting his album when he supposedly threatened him on Instagram?

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