Meek Mill Addresses Beef With 50 Cent

By HHL Editors

Meek Mill's beef with 50 Cent didn't get quite as much attention as his famous tiff with Drake.

But it was still a pretty big deal around the beginning of 2016, and it had its share of tense and humorous moments.

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Mill, who's promoting his new album Wins & Losses, addressed the status of his 50 beef during a new interview with Angie Martinez.

"People don’t know about this, I actually seen 50 Cent one day,” Meek told Martinez of a meeting nine months ago. “I seen 50. He coming out a hotel. You know, we going back and forth on the internet. Believe it or not, 50 and them a serious situation in traffic. This ain’t no average little lightweight rapper. “Yo, we hollered,” he continued. “We went to the side like men. Like men, we had a good conversation. You know we both come from the streets, you know what this can lead to. ‘You got these type of dudes with you. I got these type of dudes with me. I always looked up to you, fam. I don’t know how we got on this foot.’ Such and such.”
Meek goes on to say that Fif's issues with Mill's MMG boss Rick Ross had a lot to do with his issues with him.

"Rick Ross, unfortunately, just happened to be the person that put me on,” he explained.. “I’m just here, you know how this go. If I was on your team, it would be the same way. He said what he had to say, I respected what he said. I said what I said, he respected what I said. That was nine months ago. We left that in the dark. So, if you mighta seen us out. I’ve never seen him since. You might see us run into each other out in the public and we smiling. People like, ‘Why they smiling?’ ‘Cause we addressed it just like men in traffic.”
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