MC Shan Blasts JAY-Z's 'Story Of OJ' Advice; Says Hov Bit His Flow

By HHL Editors

Rap pioneer MC Shan is siding with "youngsters" like Future, Takeoff and Boosie Badazz who have rejected JAY-Z's 'Story of OJ' advice about not stunting money to the ear on Instagram.

"I haven’t heard Jay’s album and I’m not running out to get Jay’s album," The 51-year-old said on the Murder Master Music Show.  "From what I hear, he has been saying the same shit that people has been saying for years. If you wanted to tell people to do something, tell them to pull their fuckin’ pants up! Don’t tell them to stop putting money to their ear! That’s what their fans expect from them. That’s their persona. People like them because they’re bold with they shit like that. Let the man put his money to his ear. And instead of throwing shots at muthafuckas, say they fuckin’ name! Say who you talking about. Don’t shade that shit. Don’t be a shady muthafucka! Be that nigga!”
As the interview continued, Shan also suggested that Hov swiped his flow.

“If you listen to a lot of albums where you take a lot of people’s lyrics and use the shit including my flow, I’m definitely not gonna run out and buy the fuckin’ Blueprint and The F Print or whatever the fuck,” he explained. “Not being a hater. Man made his money — get your money and do what you do — but don’t act like your word is law like you some fuckin’ prophet and shit."
We last heard from Shan when he was continuing his 30-year beef with KRS-One.

Do you think he's right that JAY-Z's a flow biter who needs to stay humble?

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Listen to Shan speak on Hov below.

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