Mayweather Says McGregor 'Totally Disrespected' His Daughter Iyanna

By HHL Editors

conor-yayaAre Conor McGregor's antics finally getting to Floyd Mayweather?

Mayweather played it cool when Conor hit him with racially loaded language and taunted him for being in debt to the IRS during their multi-city promotional tour for their August 26th fight.

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He's still playing it cool with Conor's latest round of shots -- which included him approaching Floyd's daughter Iyanna and telling her to "Sing it for me beautiful Yaya."

But he did acknowledge to reporters that Conor's behavior last night in Brooklyn was very disrespectful.

"Disrespecting my daughter, disrespecting the mother of my daughter, disrespecting black women, calling black people monkeys -- it's totally disrespectful," Mayweather said. "He disrespected her. Am I going to trip? No. I still have a job to do and I still have to remain humble and be professional. Humble is knowing where your blessings come from. When he comes to smack my hat or bump me in the shoulder. What am I going to do? Hit him back and get fined? No one is dipping into my money but me first," he continued. "It's total disrespect and today he came out and did it again. I don't care if it's white women, black women, white men, black men, Asian, Latina or Latino -- you don't disrespect people. To get respect you must give respect. We live and we learn. Like I said before, as we get older we grow and get wisdom and maturity and I guess when he get older he'll probably look back and say, 'I probably shouldn't have said that.'"
What do you think? Is Conor getting out of line?

Update: Mayweather got on the disrespect train today in London, calling Conor a "faggot."

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