Matt Barnes Laughs At Paul Pierce For Pooping Himself During Famous Wheelchair Game


Last night on the NBA Finals pregame show, Paul Pierce finally explained what happened in Game 1 of the 2008 Finals, during which he was taken off the court in a wheelchair and then came back and led the Celtics to victory over the Lakers. 

"I have a confession to make, I had to go to the bathroom," Pierce said.

He chose the wheelchair because walking may have exasperated the situation that was already going on in his shorts.

When Matt Barnes got wind of the explanation, he had some fun.

"I never knew why he went out like he got shot and he came back like Superman, I was just like damn," Barnes told TMZ. "But, he sh*tted. That's crazy. It takes a hell of a man to admit that sh*t, though, man. That's funny as a mother f*cker.

"I would have slid on my ass all the way back to the locker room," Barnes continued. "Hopefully, I didn't make a streak on the court."

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