Matt Barnes Fought Derek Fisher For Sleeping With His Wife Gloria Govan

By HHL Editors

Matt Barnes and his reality TV star wife Gloria Govan are on the outs.

That's why the Memphis Grizzlies forward was going around boldly claiming he had knowledge of Rihanna.

But Barnes still doesn't want Govan out there playing the field. Especially when the field is his ex-teammate and current New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher.

Fisher, who's separated from his wife, hosted a party Saturday with Govan at the LA home she used to share with Barnes.

According to the New York Post, when Barnes caught wind of this he jumped in his car and drove 95 miles with the intention of "beating the shit" out of Fisher.

Witnesses at the house party confirm Barnes did attack Fisher. However, they say the injuries to the 41-year old were minor, and Fisher decided not to press charges.

A source told the Post the fight was why Fisher missed the Knicks practice on Monday.

Lol, Knicks.

Update: Fisher may still take legal action

The NBA is also likely to investigate the altercation.

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