Master P Calls Out Rappers For "Phony" Support Of XXXTentacion After His Death


After XXXTentacion died, a good chunk of the rap game jumped on social media and sang his praises.

 Master P wasn't feeling what he says is fake love.

"You know the truth hurts, but I'm going to say this shit anyway," P said in an Instagram video. "I'm talking about the youngster X from Florida who got killed. 20-year-old man, he got a lot of fans. Created a big fan base in the industry. But a lot of people didn't like him. But all of the sudden, when he passed, you get all these top industry people talking about how he inspired them. I mean, why you all didn't do no records with him. Why you all didn't tell this to the man when he was alive. That's what I mean about phony ... if you going to wait for the man to die, you might as well say nothing."

P went on to say he wants to reach out and help the youngsters

"My next movement is called Let Hip Hop Live. I want to teach these youngsters how to live, we already taught them to be paid. I'm going to reach out to some of these OGs to get together and show these youngsters how to live. How to survive. Get bread, stop all the beefing. You'll live longer."

What do think about P's words? Do you get the sense he's talking about someone in particular with his accusations of phony love? 

The industry is phony! My condolences goes out to X’s loved ones and his fans. It’s sad how you have to die for these other rappers to tell you, you inspired them. Stop the beef And let’s get bread you’ll live longer. #lethiphoplive #weallwegot #getbreadnobeef

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