Master P Blames 'Phony' Kobe On Lamar Odom OD

By HHL Editors

Lamar Odom's life hangs in the balance and the blame game has begun.

Speaking to TMZ, Odom's long time buddy Master P blasted Kobe Bryant's public display of support for his ex-teammate.

P resents Bryant rushing to Odom's hospital bed when he didn't use his clout on the Lakers to get Odom a job this off-season.

"If Kobe was his friend. Kobe, like, owns the team. He could've got the man back on the team ... that's all he wanted," P explained. If (Kobe) cared about him that much, why didn't he get him into training camp?

He went on to say that Odom, who's still just 35, was "blackballed" from the league because of his affiliation with the Kardashian clan. Then Master P closed with a warning to James Harden, who's been seen around Lamar's ex- Khloe K.

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