Martin Shkreli Just Sold His Wu-Tang Album

By HHL Editors

martin-shkreli-ghostOnce Upon A Time In Shaolin, the one-off Wu-Tang album that Martin Shkreli bought in 2015 in $2 million, may not really be a Wu-Tang album.

There is increasing evidence that most of the people involved in the project thought they were recording verses for producer Cilvaringz's project. Then RZA and Cilvaringz marketed it as Wu album -- without getting the OK from the other members.

Whatever Once Upon A Time Shaolin is, Shkreli appears to have auctioned the album off on eBay for $1,025,100 after 343 bids.


This means Shkreli took about a million dollar loss on the album.

He also won't be able to enjoy his new cash infusion. Shkreli was recently convicted of two counts of securities fraud and a single count of conspiracy .  He's awaiting sentencing, and on Wednesday he had his bail revoked because he made threats against Hillary Clinton and her hair.

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The 34-year old is being held in Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center, a fortress-like federal jail known for sexual assaults and a lack of fresh air, sunlight and recreation. Inmates have no access to the Internet.

He'll be there until January 16th, when he will be sentenced on the fraud and conspiracy charges. He could face up to 20 years in prison.

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