Martin Shkreli Clowns On Ghostface Killah's Bank Account

By HHL Editors

Martin Shkreli has a lot of problems. Not only does he face 20 years after being convicted on two counts of securities fraud and a single count of conspiracy, but the Feds are trying to revoke his bail after he offered a bounty on Hillary Clinton's hair.

It's with that backdrop that he's trying to auction off on eBay the one-off Wu-Tang album he bought for $2 million in 2015.

As of post, the bidding for Once Upon A Time Shaolin is up to $1,000,700.00.

In the Q&A section of the eBay entry, Shkreli took a shot at Ghostface Killah, with whom he's beefed with in the past. He also claimed he no longer likes Wu.

Q: Do you even like wu tang? A: not anymore! Q: If Ghostface ends up being winning bidder, will you allow him to pay you with your own money? A: He has no money.
Do you think Shkreli has any special insight into Ghost's bank account?

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And how many of those bids on eBay for the album do you think are fake?

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