Martin Shkreli Claims He's A Life Coach For 'Crying Mobsters' In Jail

By HHL Editors

Martin Shkreli is locked up in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, awaiting sentencing on two counts of securities fraud and a single count of conspiracy.

Metropolitan Detention Center is known for its sexual assaults. While that would seem like an awful place for the short, slender former pharmaceutical executive, he claims things are going fairly well for him behind bars.

Inmates are denied Internet access, but Shkreli is able to communicate with his penpal Lisa Whisnant of North Carolina [pictured]. Whisnant told the New York Daily News she's been corresponding with Shkreli since 2015 when she wrote him to get his side of the story on his notorious jacking of the price of the life-saving anti-infection drug Daraprim.

Whisnant shared with the paper some of the contents of the letters she's received from inmate Shkreli.

In the notes, Shkreli says he's been spending his time reading, playing chess and shooting hoops. He also claims that he's been acting as a life coach to his fellow inmates.

"Things are not THAT awful here,” Shkreli recently wrote to Whisnant, underlining “THAT” three times. “There are some bright sides. I am teaching these prisoners some new things and hopefully some ways to change their lives.” “I’ve heard a lot of sorrowful, plaintive stories here,” he wrote in the letter. “One guy was just in my room, crying. Supposed mobster."
Among Shkreli's complaints about jail are that his roommate snores and that his bed is uncomfortable.

He will be sentenced on January 16th and faces up to 20 years.  For his sake, we hope his fellow inmates don't get the Daily News.

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