Marshawn Lynch Gave Funny Answer When Asked Him About Protesting Anthem

By Daryl Nelson

A few days after Dez Bryant was asked about NFL players protesting the National Anthem before games, Oakland Raiders' running back Marshawn Lynch was asked the same thing.

Lynch decided to sit during the Anthem before a preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, and during a press conference after, a reporter asked him about it, referring to the protest as "the elephant in the room."

"I think that elephant just left the room, 'cause a little mouse ran in here," said Lynch. "Didn't they say elephants are scared of mouses or something? That motherfucker left, cousin."
Recently, the Raiders' head coach Jack Del Rio was asked about Marshawn sitting for the Anthem, and he said they had a talk about it.

"He said, 'This is something I've done for 11 years. It's not a form of anything other than me being myself,'" Del Rio recalled Lynch saying. "I said, 'So you understand how I feel. I strongly believe in standing for the National Anthem, but I'm going to respect you as a man. You do your thing. We'll do ours. It's a non-issue for me."
Do you think Lynch and other NFL players should be sitting down for the Anthem and if so, what do you believe it'll accomplish?

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