Mariah Carey Accused Of Sexual Harassment


The floodgates have opened, and male celebrities from Kevin Spacey to Bill O'Reilly to Harvey Weinstein are facing public charges of sexual harassment and worse.

Now you can add a female celebrity to that list.

Mariah Carey is being accused of sexual harassment by her former head of security.

Michael Anello's lawyer has drafted a lawsuit which states Carey committed sexual acts "with the intent that they be viewed by Anello." An example was Carey calling Anello to her hotel room when she was wearing a see-thru negligee. He tried to leave, but Carey insisted he stay and move her luggage. The suit doesn't allege Carey made any improper contact with Anello.

Additionally, Anello is accusing Carey of calling him  "a Nazi, a skinhead, a KKK member, and a white supremacist," even though he is none of those things, and claims Carey "wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.".

He is seeking $221,329.51 in back pay and $511,000 for being dismissed before his contract was up.

The suit is currently on hold, which suggests the two parties are trying to settle.

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