Marcellus Wiley: I Had To Destroy Proof Of Kendrick Lamar - Drake Beef

By HHL Editors

Earlier this summer, football player turned media personality Marcellus Wiley claimed that he had witnessed either Kendrick Lamar or Drake say things about the other that would have ignited a beef  "to proportions we have not seen since Ja Rule/50, maybe even Ice Cube/N.W.A."

He wouldn't reveal if it was K.Dot or Drizzy doing the talking, and he still won't. But he did give more details about what happened in an interview with Vlad TV.

According to Wiley, the rapper in question popped off during a recording of Wiley's ESPN Sports Nation show. But Wiley was never allowed to air the segment.

"Sometimes we tape, sometimes we go live.. that day, unfortunately, we were taping," Wiley explained. "We already know there's something in the air between the two rappers ... So we asked 'what's up to the beef. All of the sudden... he starts talking noise...I'm thinking I'm on Vlad, XXL, The Source."
Unfortunately,  in the hour lag between the taping and when the show started Wiley got bad news.

"Our bosses come up to us, and they're like we have to extinguish the interview... their camp called and said it couldn't be aired."
So who was the rapper who popped off? Wiley said that he's had both Drake and Lamar on multiple times, so you can't guess by looking at his old schedules.

He did add that if ESPN ever fires him he's going to try to find the tape and sell it.

So was it Drake or Kendrick who popped off and then got protected?


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