Manny Pacquiao Is Getting Sued Because He Didn't Disclose His Bad Shoulder

By HHL Editors

If you thought the $99.99 you paid for the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight this weekend was a rip off, you're not alone.

Two Nevada residents are suing Pacquiao and fight promoter Top Rank Inc because they didn't disclose the torn rotator cuff Manny suffered in training until it was too late.

According to the suit, Pacquiao and the promoter "had a duty to disclose the injury to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and failed to do so until shortly before the start of the match."

The pair have filed the suit on behalf of all ticket buyers, pay-per-view buyers and bettors.

No matter what happens with the suit -- which seems like a longshot -- Floyd Mayweather would get to keep his money.

How they would calculate what to do with all the gambling wins and losses is beyond us.

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