Man Who Says Jay Z Is His Dad Frustrated By Hov's Legal Maneuvering

By HHL Editors

Rymir Satterthwaite believes Jay Z is his father.

He does bare somewhat of a resemblances to the mogul, and the 21-year thinks he has evidence that Jay Z was hooking up with his mom about 22 years ago.

In December, he tried to get a court to force Hov to take a paternity test. But Jay's lawyers were able to get out of it by challenging the court's jurisdiction over the matter.

Since then, Satterthwaite and his mother (who also tried to sue Jay Z for paternity in 2010, back when Rymir was still a minor) have lacked the information and the resources to mount a battle against Hov's well-oiled legal team.

"There was a whole lot of running around," Rymir explained. "We didn’t have enough information to push the case, to keep the case going." "I get frustrated just like everybody else," he said about his inability to get Jay Z to take the paternity test. "I get mad at certain times."
Check out Rymir speaking. Do you think he's Jay Z son?

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