Malik Yusef Clarifies Ghostwriting 'TLOP' & Kanye's Mental Illnesses

By HHL Editors

Earlier this week, Kayne West's long time collaborator Malik Yusef characterized 'Ye as a bi-polar schizophrenic who doesn't take his meds in an interview with Drea O.

He also said in the chat that he worked on every song on The Life Of A Pablo -- which some news outlets apparently interpreted as him ghostwriting the album.  Today, he clarified both of those comments in a statement.

"I understand that some media (not all) will embellish a story in order to create sensationalism and I’m not against that," Yusef writes. "However, I am against lies, especially when they are used to intentionally hurt, demoralize, discredit character, and intentionally mislead the general public for the purpose of selling a story. I was quoted as saying that I wrote the entire Life of Pablo LP and that’s completely false. When asked about my contribution to the project, I simply stated that I contributed to every song, not that I wrote every song."
As for Kanye's unmedicated mental illnesses ...

"For the record, Kanye West has never been medically diagnosed as being bipolar or schizophrenic. I wouldn't change who Kanye is as a person and because people are always making disparaging comments about his behavior, I was simply stating that regardless of what anyone says (including medical professionals), is that Kanye is fine just the way he is and doesn't need medication. He also doesn't need to change a single thing about himself. Staying true to his character is what gives him the priceless ability to create art."
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