Makonnen Talks Life After Coming Out, Leaving OVO & Migos Diss In Interview

By Daryl Nelson

At the beginning of this year, Makonnenrevealed that he's homosexual, which Migos spoke out about and caught some backlash for

In a new interview with HipHopDX, Makonnen talked about being a gay man in rap music circles and working with other artists.

"I don't really hang out with a bunch of rappers and shit anymore," he said. 'Cause when I was doing rap and Hip-Hop, I was here to do music ... Hip-Hop is like some professional work shit. So it's just like, 'Hey, I'm not trying to sleep with any of ya'll,' so I don't get why anybody has an issue with me. So you know, it's really no thing."

He also addressed the negative comments Migos made about his coming out.

"I’ve never had an issue with Migos. We’ve never really been friends like that. We were studio friends. We make music together, but we never really had beef over anything like that. It’s a lot of media stuff that take headlines out of proportion and try to make rifts between others. But I wish them all success, that’s what I’ve always done. There’s no issue. I’m sure when I see them, it’s all love. I’m from Atlanta. There’s really no issue. It’s just what the magazine did. And media trying to make it into something negative. I don’t know how they personally feel because I personally don’t know them. They don’t have my number. So, they’ve never called to reach out to be like, “Hey bro, this is whatever to clear whatever up.” So it’s like, y’all do y’all, I’ll do me. As we’ve always done."

Additionally, the "Tuesday" singer spoke about leaving OVO, his former record label.

"I just wish I had better communication with them," he said. "That's all. It's no hard feelings ... If we had better communication, we wouldn't have this many misunderstandings out there that we have. It wouldn't be as much room for people to make as many lies and rumors that they have. And them have me fighting off  ... shit that ain't even real."

Where do you think Makonnen's career will go from here, now that he's no longer with Drake's OVO Sound?

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