They Are Making A Bushwick Bill Documentary

By HHL Editors

Fetty Wap isn't the first one-eyed emcee in the game. There was, of course, rap pioneer Slick Rick, who wore a patch over his damaged right peeper.

Then there was Bushwick Bill. The Geto Boy used to have two eyes, but lost one in 1991 when he was shot during an argument with his girlfriend. He also woke up from that incident in the morgue, after being thought dead. When he did come to, he said the first thing he did was pee on a cop who was standing next to his casket.

The lack of an eye became his second most distinctive physical treat, following his dwarfism.

Bill's lived an interesting 48 years, which is the subject of a documentary. The catch is the filmmakers need 500K to get Bushwick Bill Geto Boy out, and they have a long way to go in their crowd funding efforts.

Check out the trailer below, and you can contribute here if you want to make it happen.

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