Maino And Wack 100 Go At Each Other On Social Media

By Daryl Nelson

A new day and another beef involving Wack 100.

After recently getting into it with the rapper Gonzoe, as well as Treach, The Game's manager exchanged words with Maino, which picks up from a dispute they had last year. At that time, Maino didn't like the fact that The Game shot his Meek Mill diss track "Pest Control" in Brooklyn.

In round two of their beef, Wack said that he had more authority in the borough than the Brooklyn-born-and-raised Maino did.

"I told that nigga Maino that we need to get down," he said. "[I'm] on my way to Brooklyn. Maino now, nigga, that I am stronger than him in Brooklyn."
From there, Maino responded on Instagram, but he eventually deleted it.

#Maino vs. #Wack100

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That's when Wack responded, and he also addressed Maino taking down his post.

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#wack100 explains #maino's post from last night

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Afterward, the 'All the Above' rapper posted a final message and seemed to be done with the back-and-forth. At least for now.

I said wut I said....Period!

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Why do you think Wack is getting into all of this Internet drama? And better yet, why do you think The Game hasn't co-signed any of it?

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