Macklemore Speaks On White Rappers & The Difference Between Rap & Hip Hop

By HHL Editors

Macklemore popped up on Chelsea Handler's Netflix show.  Right off of the bat, she made him uncomfortable by asking him why there aren't more white rappers.

'I think that there's a lot of white rappers. There's a lot of us. There's not a lot of great ones," Macklemore said.
Handler then wondered if he and Eminem were the only great white rappers.

There's definitely more than that ... it takes a lot. ... This is a tough question. I don't know," Macklemore stammered.
Later she asked him a question he was more comfortable with: What's the difference between rap and Hip Hop?

“Rap is something that you do. Hip-Hop is something that you live. That would be from a purist Hip-Hop standpoint.  Rap is an element of the culture," Macklemore said, acknowledging he probably stole the answer from KRS-One.
Do you agree with Mack on rap vs. Hip Hop and white rappers? Check the segment below.

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