Macklemore Discusses Sophomore Album & Addiction

By Sermon

Macklemore has kept himself out of the media for a while now. That ends with him and his producer Ryan Lewis on the August/September 2015 cover of Complex. The story mostly follows the duo after their epic run with The Heist, their debut album. It also highlights Mack's relapse last year, and how he dealt with that, citing his fiancee being pregnant as a turning point.

Another good tidbit from the article concerns duo's sophomore album, which is slated for the fourth quarter of this year. They were tight lipped on most songs, but discussed doing a sequel to 'White Privilege.'

Read the story here, and check out one of the quotes below.

"I think I was in a place of sophomore slump jinx fear until I started writing songs again. When I was smoking weed, trying to avoid life at all costs, I was in a place of fear. But now that we have the bulk of the album done—if it’s not as commercially successful as The Heist, which I would be surprised if it was, great. If it is critically acclaimed, great. If the people don’t like it as much as old music, great. We did the best that we could do. I stand behind the music. I like the music. I enjoy it. I feel like I’m speaking my truth. If my happiness is contingent upon how these songs do on the radio and what people write about them in the reviews and how big our shows are, I failed. I feel like I’m in the best place I’ve ever been to move forward with releasing this music because I know what has to come first in order for me to be successful. And that has nothing to do with numbers, it has nothing to do with shows, it has nothing to do with what somebody else writes."
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